Dear colleagues and experts,

we are happy to share with you the agenda and speaker’s list of our conference „Capturing Technology. Rethinking Arms Control” coming up on Friday, 06 November.

A “warm-up” session starting at 13.00 hours will provide a series of expert video briefs by the conference’s six partner institutes followed by a conversation with Paul Scharre from the Center for a New American Security about future conflict scenarios and how risks for security and stability can be mitigated.

For the official opening panel, Minister Heiko Maas is pleased to be hosting his colleagues, Minister Ann Linde of Sweden, Minister Stef Blok of the Netherlands, Minister Pekka Haavisto of Finland and Minister Tomáš Petřiček of the Czech Republic, where Ministers will be invited to share their political vision for Europe’s role in navigating the world’s ever more complex security scenarios.

The global security trends, how they are impacted by the military use of new technologies and the special responsibilities of leading technological and military powers will be at the centre of the following panel, bringing together senior government officials and eminent scientists from China, France, Russia and the United States.

Held as part of Germany’s presidency of the European Union, the final panel asks what Europe should do to contribute to enhancing security and building stability in the age of technological disruption. This panel unites senior voices from academia, government and industry.

We are very happy to have the distinguished journalist Melinda Crane on board as the moderator of this conference.

A highly interactive preparatory expert’s workshop is held on 5 November focusing on military use of AI, novel tools for verification, new approaches to security and confidence building in the new tech era and multi-stakeholder approaches. This workshop will be moderated by Richard Walker.

In getting ready for the conference we suggest you take a look at the Conference Reader with expert analysis by our six partner institutes and a word of welcome by Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

If you haven’t already done so, please register your participation for both the conference and the workshop via this website.

With best regards,

Team for Disarmament and Arms Control
German Federal Foreign Office

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